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Bulgarian liberal party NMSS Stability and Prosperity

11. 1. 2009 - lira

Dear Mr. Weiss,

On behalf of the Bulgarian liberal party NMSS Stability and Prosperity , I have the pleasure to express our gratitude for the kind letter.
NMSS is the biggest Bulgarian liberal party. For a second consecutive term, NMSS is in the governance of the country in coalition with the other Bulgarian liberal party MRF and the Socialist party.

NMSS is ful-fledged member of ELDR since 2003 and also of Liberal International.
After accession of Bulgaria to the European Union on 1 January 2007 and at the first European elections in Bulgaria, held in June 2007 was elected the first NMSS MEP - Mrs. Bilyana Raeva who is member of ALDE group.
NMSS has very active international contacts with other ELDR member parties and with liberal parties from South-Eastern Europe and Black Sea Region.
We'll be responsible partner in all ELDR initiatives during upcoming European elections in June 2009 . We'll be glad to support also activities of liberal parties in Central Europe, so do not hesitate to contact us with concrete proposals.

The NMSS will pursue, as it has done so far, liberal democratic values in its politics for the benefit of Bulgaria and the prosperity of the European Community.

Kind regards,
Alida Rizova
Head of International Relations Department, NMSS