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Open letter to the liberals and democrats in the European parliament

31. 7. 2009 - x

We the undersigned organisations from Slovakia, take the liberty to highly criticise the membership acceptance of the Slovak MEP Sergej Kozlik to EDP and thereafter to ALDE group in the European parliament. This move may potentially discredit the name and values of ALDE, which represents liberals and democrats at European level.

Sergej Kozlik whose activity in the last 5‐year election period has not brought a single proposal, report or position in the European parliament.

Sergej Kozlik is a member and nominee of HZDS, Slovak political party that has never been compatible with liberal and democratic thinking and goals. In the 90’s responsible for numerous frauds, corruptions and controversial privatisations, together with their non‐democratic actions in government, that drove our country into isolation, stopped all the efforts for Slovakia’s membership in the European union and NATO. The ELDR resolution from March 1998 expressed concerns over the steps of former government, heading towards restrictions of democracy in Slovakia.

Currently by forming a coalition with populistic and nationalistic parties, nontransparent and destructive moves continue even today, accompanied by wasting of public resources and worsened relations with Hungarian neighbours.

It is unacceptable for us Sergej Kozlik or HZDS being part of ALDE in the European Parliament. We recommend that ALDE gives preference to structural and value stability, avoiding fragile and risky pragmatic solutions.

Pavol Szabo
international officer of Young Liberals, member of LYMEC, Slovak republic

Ján Bučkuliak
chairman of Civic Democratic Youth, member of European Democrat Students, Slovak republic

Pavel Weiss
president of Liberálové.CZ, Czech republic
To: ALDE, EDP, ELDR and youth organisations